About Resource Planning

Our vision is to advance the University of Alberta’s vision through pre-eminence in integrated planning and decision support.

Our mission is to provide integrated planning processes and decision support that enables the University of Alberta to achieve its vision and mission through the enhanced alignment of resources to the University’s strategic academic priorities. We:

Facilitate the preparation, submission and approval of 4-year strategic business plans and budgets at the institutional and unit levels.

Implement and maintain detailed budgets and provides support to units.

Create and manages data marts, performs analysis, prepares reports and supports the analysis and reporting needs of administrative portfolios, Faculties and units.

We value

  • Pre-eminence: We achieve pre-eminence through innovation, best practice, accuracy, timeliness and reliability.
  • Respect & Honesty: We are respectful and honest in all of our activities.
  • Teamwork: We are committed to a team environment where we are helpful, cooperative and courteous.
  • Accountability: We are held accountable.
  • Openness & Transparency: We are open, transparent, consultative and communicative.