What is uPlan?

In August 2015 the university began a project to implement a budget planning system, which we are calling uPlan. The system uses Oracle’s cloud version of its Hyperion Planning software to support integrated planning, budgeting and forecasting. 

Why uPlan?

The development and implementation of uPlan will provide better alignment with the university’s Integrated Planning and Budgeting Policy. The project objectives are to:

  • Provide an institutional tool to manage planning activities with greater flexibility and accuracy in support of academic priorities.
  • Support a financial framework in connecting institutional planning activities - budgeting, forecasting and modeling - to advance accountability, transparency and evidence based decision-making.
  • Balance decentralized planning activities across the University with common planning processes and workflows.
  • Leverage existing key institutional data to support the financial framework.

Who are We?

With sponsorship from the Vice-President (Finance & Administration), the project’s Steering Committee and Project Team is supported, and represented, by staff from faculties and administrative units. The project structure can be found on the last page of this project update.

Have any questions for the uPlan team? Email us at: uPlan@ualberta.ca

Helpful Documents

To learn more about uPlan, please visit the Documents page. The page includes presentations delivered to:

Administrative Strategic Council (ASC)

The principal vehicle for communication between the President, Provost and Vice-Presidents and the senior administrators responsible for implementing University strategies and policies. Meets 4 times per year.

Financial Management Committee

Committee focusing on University-wide finance and budgeting topics, comprised of Sr. Financial Officers from each faculty, and representatives from each VP office 

uPlan Resources

Throughout the implementation, updates will be provided to impacted users. Below are two communications showing different inputs into how we are building uPlan

November Communication – Document illustrating the objectives and scope of the implementation

Stakeholder Survey Results – Results of a survey given to a select group of impacted users, asking them to highlight their expectations on what uPlan can bring, and highlighting how the project is being communicated so far.


Check back for more news and documents as the project moves forward